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Middle America

When Your World Turns Grey And Bleak…This Land Is There

Fast Facts

Area: 5,23,780 square kilometer
Largest Country: Nicaragua
Smallest Country: El Salvador
Languages Spoken: Spanish, English, and several other dialects of Hispanic and English Currency: No uniform currency but US Dollar and Peso in most of the countries
Time Zone: UTC-6:00 to UTC-5:00
Religion: Predominantly Christianity
Climate: Tropical to Temperate
Population Density: 77 per square kilometer - northern tip of sanoa Middle America is more likely to be American colloquial. The countries of Middle America have lots to offer with respect to its tourists through relaxed ambience of Belize, paradise land of Costa Rica to hiking and surfing at El Salvador. But in spite of turmoil, political instability and tension, traveling to Middle America is incomplete without a trip to Guatemala which is touted as a place reflecting ancient ruins yet enthralling with its rustic beauty and land of rubbles due to frequented earthquakes and active volcanic landscapes. Honduras is yet another country where you can enjoy scenic landscapes with no hurry and scurry. It is at Nicaragua where you can catch a glimpse of colonial towns and marvel at the artistic splendor they simply exude.

More than the place it is the people of this place that are simply great hosts and they are not only great artists but they paint beautiful on life's canvas too with their warmth and beautiful mind and heart.

History - Hotel Nacionale Middle America is the central region of America comprising of seven countries and they include Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Panama. During the medieval times, Central America was part of Mesoamerican civilization and it was the Maya people and Aztecs who built most part of the cities in South America. With the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, eventually the Spanish started to conquer most of the Maya lands and they established their territories in these lands. Then, there was a very short-lived Mexican empire; thereafter the Federal Republic of Central America emerged. And, within no time this Republic began disintegrating due to prolonged civil wars. But with time, these countries are shedding their hostility for each other and growing, prospering and maintaining diplomatic trade relation with other countries as well.

Geography - sanoa island Middle America is basically an Isthmus and a small trait like land enveloped by the Pacific Ocean on the Southwest, Caribbean Sea on the northeast, and Gulf of Mexico on the north. However, most of the countries of Middle America lay atop the Caribbean plate. It is therefore, this region of Middle America that is extremely active geologically with frequented earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as well.

It is the west coast of Middle American countries that receive low rainfall in comparison to the east coast. However, the land is fertile with rich minerals obviously derived from the frequent volcanic eruptions. Thus, the land is perfect and a fertile as well for agricultural production. The rivers in Middle America are mostly not navigable. The months of November and December are cool and dry in most of the Middle American countries, with varying level of precipitation depending on the geographic location of the country.


Middle America is the land of irresistible attractions ranging from virgin beaches to flourishing and rare marine life underwater. However, you may want to begin your journey with Ambergris Caye which is the coconut and palm-laden island in this part of the world. It can be reached from the Belize City and you will love to simply bask in the abundant sunshine on the sand shores in the backdrop of eye candy turquoise blue crystal clear beaches. The landscape portrayed with unimaginable beauty of the nature seduces one and all tourists and compel them to keep on revisiting the place over and over again.

Then, there is this tiny nation of Costa Rica attracting millions of visitors every year because of its varied topography. Tourism has become a big income generating industry in Costa Rica. While honeymooners tout it as their haven, adventure lovers call it an ideal place for all kinds of land and underwater adventures. Apart from adrenaline rush and relaxing in a hammock at the beaches you may want to take time out to explore the deep jungles.

However, one of the best sights at Costa Rica is Parque Nacional Volcan Arenal, which is a national park in a region of a dormant volcano. Again, Jaco draws in lots of crowds because of the vast stretches of sea, mostly because the beaches here have a congeniality to surf at ease for the surfing enthusiasts. To relax and stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life, take a generous amount of time at the quiet and rural towns of La Fortuna.

At Liberia, in Costa Rica, you can explore several places including the much popular Santa Rosa and Rincon de la Vieja national parks. But, it is the San Jose that is the gateway to several museums and art galleries that provide with a glimpse of colonial living and style.

The friendly, warm-hearted and hospitable people of El Salvador will woo you like hell and make your visit to the Middle American nations a truly memorable one. The place is simply great with abundant hiking opportunities apart from several parks and magnificent cathedrals. Some of the popular and nearby places from El Salvador are San Salvador, Santa Ana, La Libertad and Perquin.

Visit the bustling, crowded big Guatemala city with its noisy marketplace and get a feel of the modern day city living of Middle America, while grandeur of colonial building is best seen at Antigua Guatemala. During the Easter week, the city dons a new look with festive color and fervor. If you are looking for a honeymoon destination with some kind of seclusion but amidst colonial settings, head straight to Corn Islands in Nicaragua. The place is exotic with white sandy beach, coconut trees, and turquoise-blue clear water for fishing, rare species and forms of coral reefs and a fantastic ambience to tell a few reasons. One of the most beautiful and world's largest lake island is at Nicaragua and it is the Isla de Ometepe, which is a fairytale land for everyone to freak and unwind. Famous for the Panama Canal, the country Panama is also famous for some rare species of birds. The most popular destinations that draw visitors from all over are the Panama City and Santiago.

Nightlife at Middle America - santo domingo Nightlife in Middle America is vibrant as well as active especially in cities like the Panama City and even in Costa Rica. Music is in the air in this part of the world and you can dine and dance at several of the clubs and even on sandy beaches amidst moonlight twilight. However, it is at San Jose that you can let loose your nerves and begin dancing to the drumbeats of live bands until you drop.

Again, it is near Costa Rica in a place called El Pueblo, there is a perfect mix of several bars with nightclubs and even art galleries and shops. There is no chance of you getting bored in the evening, so just explore the many opportunities that nightlife district San Jose has in store for you. If you enjoy gambling don't forget to try your luck at the Club Colonial Casino Bar in San Jose. Enjoy a tidbit snack at the Magnolia restaurant and then strike the dance floors that are in either Coco Loco or Infinito Disco.

But if you are not a hip twister or a gambling enthusiast we bet that you would still love to spend some time sipping the cocktails served and having fun and hanging out with friends and Bajarse al Moro can be just great for you guys. Party animals cannot simply stop finding an array of unforgettable evenings in Middle America, so are you game?

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